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Let's Build Children Future

Children Care Projects

Children are the most vulnerable in the community and society in Myanmar. The 78th year long civil war left millions of Children in Myanmar homeless and their health is so critical. Please save the lives of these children by donating to child care projects today. Your small donation can give them a big future


We lunch this children care project to save and provide medical care and their medicines need to millions of vulnerable children in Myanmar. Please help these children find their bright future.


buildings Projects

Children are the most vulnerable people in the society and community in Myanmar. For the 78th years long civil war in the country makes millions of children homeless and their health issue is so critical. They need building to stay and sleep. Please join our mission today


medicines projects

This project is aimed to support medicines and health care related tools and materials to save the lives of millions vulnerable children in Myanmar. Please help these children find their medical care and create their future. Your can save them now

social & spiritual projects

This project is focused on the social and spiritual wellbeing of millions children. We create social activities centres, where the children can come as a group or private and do exercise everyday. This program is very helpful for children physical health, mental health, and spiritual health as a whole. Please support our project

Advocate for the Children

Please, help us share about millions of vulnerable's histories to your friends and loved ones and save millions lives today.

  Support Children  


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