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You can register now. We love to see you soon.



Please kindly register the event and book or reserve the Hotel, if you need a place to sleep during the ECV22 Conference. If you don't book for the Hotel to sleep then MAME Team will not take responsibility for you and you will have to manage the place to sleep by yourself.

Lai-Chin Info

Zangfah tein ECV22 conference tel a duhmi paoh cu Event registration tuah hrimhrim a herh lai. Cun zan ihnak amah tein aa tawirel kho lomi paoh cu atang i kan langhtermi ah hin Hotel reserve or book rakk tuah te. Hikaah booking na tuah lo ahcun zan riahnak caah MAME Team nih tuanvo kan in lakpiak kho lai lo i, nangmah tein zan ihnak kha tuanvo naa lak a hau lai.


Covid-19:  Those who are joining ECV22 Conference must bring Covid-19 negative test certification.

ECV22 Conference ah aa telmi vialte cu Covid-19 negative test nan i tuah dih hrimhrim lai. Covid-19 test certification a pe khomi lawng conference room chungah luh khawh asi lai.

ECV22 Hotel Reservation

Under this link you can reserve or book for Hotel rooms for your stay during ECV21 Conference.



The registration for ECV22 Conference is opened now. Share your friends as well.

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