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mame Clinics & Hospitals

MAME Clinics and Hospitals projects is focused on free health access for people with low income family, most vulnerable persons, and those who are not able to afford to health care system. The 78th years long civil war makes Myanmar become very poor in economically and millions of people are living without health and hope in the country. We therefore take this action to help and support medicines and treatments.

Doctor's Clinic

mame Clinics Projects

We operate our clinics in different towns and cities in Myanmar. We give the patients free medicines and low price medical treatments. Our medical teams are working tirelessly 24/7 a day.

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I am so blessed that the Lord brings the MAME clinics for me that because of the help and support of MAME clinics, I can have free access to my health care today. Thank you so much to all the donors and sponsors



I am suffering from TB for more than 20 years and I have no money to buy any medicines, but today the Lord bless me with the MAME Clinics and now I have free services and medical treatment. Thank you so much all the donors



I am trying my medical treatment for many years but I can't afford to buy medicines. When I was in such problem, MAME clinics came to our town and now I can have access to my health care system. Thank you so much all the donors

mame Hospital Project

MAME Hospital is located in Yangon, Myanmar and its mission is focus on people with low income family and who do not have health access to public and private hospitals. We give free medical treatments at our hospital. As we are Christian faith based organisation, we are not working for profit but we work to help and save the lives of millions people by giving medicines and treatment. Thank you so much to our donors and sponsors, because of their generous giving, we can accomplish our mission

Hospital Corridors

What We Accomplished

We treat more 1000 patients every month and help them find hope

We give free medicines to more 1500 patients every month and help them find hope

We give major surgery to more 500 patients every month and help them find hope

Advocate for Us

Please advocate for us and tell your friends and loved ones to support our mission today

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