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Old-aged Care Projects

Old-Aged Care Projects

You are visiting a place where you can become a blessing to million of old-aged people today. Our elderly care project is aimed to support and help the vulnerable old-aged people regardless of social and religion backgrounds.  

Our Works & Services

MAME old-aged care program (MOCP) is born to support and help the vulnerable old-aged people. Currently  this project is operated in different cities and towns in Myanmar. In near future we are planing to operate throughout the globe. The 78th years long civil war causes thousands of old-aged people homeless and in critical risk of health issues in Myanmar. We are tirelessly working 24/7 hours to save the lives of these vulnerable old-aged people by giving them different services, i.e. medical care, mental care, social and spiritual cares, etc. Please help us to accomplish our mission by donating and volunteering with us today.



Medical Care & Medicines Project 

This project is especially focused on medicines and medical treatment related materials and surgery instruments needs for the old-aged people. Our hospitals and clinics deeply need your supports and donation. You can support  us in many different ways to save the lives of millions old-aged people in Myanmar, For more detail, please contact us.


Building & Shelter Projects

This program is focused on the buildings and shelters for the vulnerable old-aged people for the places to live. Thousands of old-aged people in Myanmar are homeless and many of them are living without any single bed. Please support and help these people urgent needs today. 

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Mental Health Care Project

This project is to support and help the vulnerable old-aged people with mental health problems. Because of ages long civil war and social and economic problems in the country effected many people with mental and psychological programs. We are looking for the donors and sponsors in medicines and mental health care related kits today. 


Social & Spiritual Health care Project

This project is run to support and help socially and spiritually to release their pains. We build physiotherapy centres and spiritual activities centres where the old-aged people can come together and chat each other, and have their daily exercises as a group or private. This program is very helpful for healing their sickness. Please donate us for this project today 


Donate One Time

Here you can donate one time as much as you wish to support our old-aged people from $50 and plus

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Donate Monthly 

Here you can donate and support us as much as you wish to support our old-aged people from $50 and plus

Bawi Cung

"I have no children to take care of me for several years, but now the Lord bless me with MAME Elderly Care Program"

Advocate for Us

Please help us tell about our projects to your friends and loved ones, and save the lives of millions people around the world. Know that your small donation and little support can millions people smile.

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