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Our Mission

Our mission is to save human life, promote quality education, and to create a platform for the most vulnerable people a free medical access, and helping our global community socially and spiritually regardless of social and religions backgrounds, faiths, genders, colours and geography areas. We highly value in the greatness and preciousness of every human life and equal opportunity of all human beings. To accomplish our mission we work through words and actions. As we are social-religious beings, MAME is working not only to promote social betterment of our community but also for the spiritual well-being of our global community

The Areas That We Work

Here you can find the fields areas that we work and cover it, and how we accomplish our mission around the globe. We are mainly working in three different areas: Education and Health for social betterment and Church Planting for spiritual affair. Under these three major projects we have many different sub-projects. Our prayer is to operate our mission in all the six continents of our global, however currently  we can operate  and cover our mission only in Asia,, Europe, North America, and Australia. We will soon announce when we are going to operate our mission in others continents.


We give quality education in cooperation with different educational institutions, universities and schools. For, we believe that in human life education is one of the most important drivers of our future and it is one of the key elements to build a peaceful society and healthy community. 


We provide medicines and health related educations in cooperation with health industries, hospitals, clinics and medicines companies. For, we believe that good health is the highest price in our human lives and it is so crucial that every human being could effort to access to good medical cares. 

Church Planting

We are working in church planting for the spiritual well-being for all human beings of our global community. We strongly believe that we human beings are social-religious beings and working to promote only in the social field could not answer all problems in ones life, therefore we need to answer all spiritual problems as well.

24/7 House of Prayer

We have 24/7 House of Prayer project and we pray and intercede 24/7 hours per day and 365 days a year for all the peoples and nations of our global family. We believe in the power of prayer.

Help Us Our History Heard

Please advocate about our mission works to your friends and loved ones. 

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