MAME Kaleymyo Revival Conference with Dr. Johannes Hartl, Founder of Initiative Prayer House

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

November 10, 2018 09:00 PM / Kaleymyo

KALEYMYO – MAME Ministries organized and conducted the fourth revival

conference in Kaleymyo and this time with a special guest speaker Dr. Johannes

Hartl from Germany, founder of the initiative Prayer House (Gebetshaus e. V.) in


Over thousands of people attend the big MAME Kaleymyo revival conference with

great passion and expectation for an encounter with GOD. Furthermore, the

excitement increases as Dr. Johannes Hartl preaches at night service and teaches at

morning program.

In 2005, Dr. Johannes Hartl has founded together with his wife Jutta Hartl the House

of Prayer in the beautiful city Augsburg in Germany. Since 2011 prayer and worship

have not ceased in the House of Prayer. Thousands of visitors from all over the world

come to pray and worship GOD by day and night, 24/7.

Dr. Johannes Hartl is also the author of numerous books and international speaker at conferences, mainly known for his unique way to connect spiritual depth with a sense of humor, intellect and practicability. In addition, Dr. Johannes Hartl is also the founder and leader of the famous MEHR-Conference in Germany where over ten thousand attend.

A lot of people at the Kaleymyo conference are amazed, blessed and encouraged by

the teachings and preachings of Dr. Johannes Hartl. He mainly talks about the

beauty and nature and character of GOD as the Creator supporting his teachings

with drawings and figures.

“GOD is not just powerful and loving, but HE is also beautiful. We see GODs beauty in His creation.” – by Dr. Johannes Hartl

It is the first time for Dr. Johannes Hartl to visit Myanmar. He and MAME CEO and

the Director of MAME Myanmar Rev. Dr. Joseph Tial Luai Thang have good

relationships and share the same passion which is to spread the good news of the

love of Jesus Christ to all the nations.