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Covid-19 Outbreak in Myanmar

Unfortunate Myanmar is facing many challenges: the military coup the power on February 01, 2021 and it makes the country politically instability, economically downfall; inflation rate is unthinkably high, no job opportunity, no income, even the bank system is not functioning properly and the poverty rate is increased heaven high. And in regard to the healthcare system there is no protection and care program throughout the country. The hospitals, clinics, and medical industries are not functioning, except for the military and its personals.

Covid-19 Test

Since the last three months, the Covid-19 and its Delta Variant outbreak throughout the Southeast Asia, including Myanmar and million of the people of Myanmar are suffering from Covid infection. Almost every household in the city and town are infected by the Covid-19 and its Delta Variant. The military government cannot handle and respond this deadly disaster (Covid-19 Variant) properly and many thousands of people are died at home day after days.

Many thousands of people are died because of lack of oxygen and medicines. In every corner of the country, everyday many elites people, young and old are passed away and the future of the country is at nightmare. Hope and future are lost for many people and facing tomorrow is a big challenge for them.

Oxygen-MAME Health & Hope

Therefore, the people of Myanmar deeply need international help and support. Especially in the field of health sector. Friend, you can help them regain their hope and create their future by giving them Oxygen, Mask, Medicines, Kits, and Money to survive, prevent, and fight against the Corona virus and its related deadly disease today.

If you have a heart to help and become a blessing for the people of Myanmar, then please kindly join with MAME Health & Hope program. We are happy to hear from you and joining hand in hands with you in saving the life of million people in Myanmar.

Treatment- Health & Hope

Please kindly also pray that may the good and living God intervene the people of Myanmar in their fight against the deadly disease, Covid-19 today.

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