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Sponsor Young Scientists

You can impact the world and make difference today by investing in one young scientist life. Together with MAME you can also create a great future for millions of young scientists around the world. At MAME Ministries you can have such opportunity and use your small capital for making great things. We would be so happy to have you and working together with you today. 

Sponsor Young Scientist
$500 per month

Graduation Ceremony

How We Work

Sponsoring Agents & Sponsored Students Are Connected

Our first priority is to connect the sponsoring agents and sponsored students direct or indirect way under this program. We highly appreciate and respect the demand of both parties. What we do is, therefore we are just looking sponsoring agents for the students who are in needs of help, support, and the sponsor. And the sponsor Agents give money or kinds to the future leaders through MAME platform. And then, we are directly and immediately transferring all money or kinds to the receiving students.


After going all these processes, we connect the sponsored students to the sponsoring agents so that in the future there would be a good and kind relationship between sponsoring agents and sponsored students. We don't want the students simply receive money or kinds and leave it, the same time, we don't feel good that the donors or sponsors simply give away his/her money or kinds and have no connection with his/her sponsored students, in other words we don't want the sponsoring agents simply give without seeing the result of his/her investment in the young students lives or in return without experiencing the blessedness of giving.

We also have one or two times a year sponsors, donors and receivers meeting conference in Myanmar, USA, and Germany.  If you have more question regarding this issue, anytime you can contact us. We are so open and happy to answer you and working with you.


Invest in Young Students Lives Today

Join the best investment with us today by sponsoring Young Scientists for their education. Invest in the lives of YOUNG generations is not wasting money and kinds, but it is like to invest in undying business. Sponsor young scientists and foster future leaders for the world.

Why Should You Sponsor Young Scientist?

You should join our mission because we invest in the lives of many thousands young students and foster dynamic leaders for day today generations. We are financially acocuntablible and we focus on Donors and Sponsors oriented

We Support Over 1,000 Students for Their Further Studies and Help to Achieve Professional Skills Every Year

Over 300 Plus Students  Receive Their Bachelor, Master, and Doctorate Degree Every Year

All of Our Sponsors and Donors Satisfied Our Services and Mission Accomplishment

We give  more than 2,000 Study kids to Students and Create Their Hope and Future Every Year

Our Criteria For Students

We have drawn our special criteria and norms for students who will receive sponsor through MAME. As mentioned about we respect 100% of our sponsoring agents and donors' will. For more detail on our methods and how we work, please contact MAME Teams.

Advocate for Young Students

Tell your friends and loved ones about our works and history


Financially Accountability

"We are working to keep our overhead rate as low as possible. We used 7% for fundraising, 5% for management, and 88% of our total operating expenses for programs that benefit children, old-aged people, and communities. Learn More

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