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The MAME has many different projects under its mission. May you kindly join anyone of our projects and become a blessing for the nations. If you have a heart to donate our projects or want to become volunteer in any projects with us. You can kindly contact us per email, phone or contact form below. 

Email: (for Donation or Sponsorship)

         (for Volunteer in our Projects)

Telephone: +49-69 7921 5568 (for both donation and volunteer)

Under this page you will find our upcoming projects and please help us to accomplish our mission.

Church building & Missionaries Projects

Christians population makes up only 7% out of 53 millions population in Myanmar. So Myanmar deeply need salvation of Jesus Christ. Our great passion is to build a church that accommodates  all nations and tribes as one people under God, and practice Kingdom's cultures and make the world a peaceful place as Jesus has commanded us (Mt. 28: 19-20).  We need funds for constructing church building, salaries for missionaries, music instruments and for media. Get involved  today by donating money or in kinds or volunteer with us.

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School Projects

Our goal is to promote great opportunities for the young generations, those in need of quality education all over Myanmar.  More than 90% of families in Myanmar are under poverty line. So many kids and young people cannot effort to quality education. For that very reason MAME is planing to run Christian schools and University in Myanmar. Please support our education projects in Myanmar by donating money, kinds and volunteering in teaching, fundraising and marketing today.

Health & Hope Project

We are working tirelessly to improve the healths of individuals from all walks of life. This program is particularly focus on patients with poor income and unaffordable family.  At MaMe clinic and hospital projects, we are dedicated to spread the message of hope and supporting individuals through our various healthcare initiatives. Our whole team of dedicated nonprofit medical experts and volunteers are committed to this cause and will continue to work for a better future. Please support our health projects in Myanmar by donating money, in kinds and volunteering in fundraising, advocating, and giving awareness today.

24/7 House of Prayer project


We believe that prayer is the most essential need of today churches and Christians ministries. At MAME ministries we’re praying 24/7 hours per day, every day throughout the year for salvation and peace of all nations.

Now we need buildings and music instruments for 24/7 House of Prayer in Yangon and Kalemyo in Myanmar, and Frankfurt in Germany.

Please support our projects by donating money or in kinds today.

Rural Development Project


We are convince that Christian mission work and development cannot be separated, especially when it come to mission in developing country like Myanmar where 93% of population are Buddhists and non believers. We initiate vocational training school and short time rural development study program in Myanmar. This projects is open for everyone who love to serve poorest of the poor people in Southeast Asia. We also welcome volunteer for building construction and teaching. 

Education and Hope Project


This project is especially aimed for the Burmese immigrants and students who are looking for further studies opportunity in Germany and Europe.

At MAME SCHOOL Frankfurt, we offer preparatory studies for many fields of studies programs for Bachelor, Master, and Certificate courses plus German language course.

When students are finished preparatory courses in MAME SCHOOL Frankfurt we help them to access the University. We are working together with universities in Germany and Europe. We also offer the Burmese language class and Burmese studies program for those who are interested Burmese culture and language, and to work in Myanmar.



Join our mission today and become souls winner and peace maker.

Volunteer with Us

We warmly welcome volunteers for our projects in Asia, and Europe; for teaching in school, giving short training, for clinic and hospital in Myanmar and Southeast Asia. Especially we are looking volunteer for project management, business planning, marketing  and fundraising.

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