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SINCE 2014

Our Mission


Myanmar Actions for Mission and Evangelism gGmbH also known as MAME Ministries is founded in 2014 and it's legally registered as a tax benefit nonprofit company limited (gGmbH) at Amtsgericht Frankfurt am Main, Germany in January 2019. The Reg. Nr. : HRB 114430 and its head office is situated in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 

MAME Ministries is one of the affiliated members of MECA-Myanmar Evangelical Christians Alliance since February 2020. MAME is the states (governments) recognised international mission organisation that serves for the betterment of the nations and for the extension of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

As a faith based organisation, here at MAME Ministries, we are committed to a single goal; the great commission of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ (Mathews. 28:18-20, Mark. 16:15-20). We introduce the Kingdom of God by practicing the culture of the Kingdom of Heaven (we love, we connect, we share and we impact) in our communities and working places. We are preparing and projecting to operate our mission works among all communities in six continents.

Currently we have been operating our mission works in Asia , Europe, United States of America and Canada, and Australia. Read about our mission statements and our vision, and find out how we go about making different.


Our mission is "to carry the message of the Kingdom of Heaven to all communities on earth and make the world a blessed home by words and deeds". Our mission works are as follows: -

  • We develop human resources and new mission strategies, and supply the churches with strategies and resources that they need for mission and evangelism.

  • We train and educate Christ-like leaders and missionaries who would answer the needs of the world, defend the Biblical truth, win the lost souls, revive the nations, and build peaceful society in this contemporary world.

  • We assist the students who are from poor income families to find sponsors and scholarships, and bridging for them to go further study in developed countries, so that they can help their own countries in all-rounds development in the near future.

  • We build intercessory prayer for the healing and deliverance of the nations 24/7 hours a day, 365 days a year; because the continued prayer of the righteous men make tremendous power available and it can save the nations from corruptions.

  • We assist and provide health care services, health related education, and materials needs for clinics, and hospital in Myanmar and other developing countries.

  • We conduct conferences, seminars, crusades and campaigns for million of young people and adults for social and spiritual awakening and development in Asia, Europe, Australia and America.

  • We give business development related education and assist small financial add for poverty elevation to churches and communities in Myanmar and other developing countries.

  • We also develop old-aged retirement pension fund and social program for missionaries, evangelists, pastors, Bible school teachers and church ministers in Myanmar.

Our business is life saving business;  our core value: to love, to connect, to share and to impact. Visit more on our mission and project here


Our heart burning Vision is to bring Kingdom's message in all kinds of work field so that everyone may carry the love of Jesus Christ into his/her working areas and in this way we enlarge the Kingdom of God in our community and on the earth, and lead the nations to the truth and blessing.



We’re driven by a firm belief in the power of the Gospel of Salvation of Jesus Christ and we will do anything it takes to make an impact. Myanmar Actions for Mission and Evangelism gGmbH (MAME ministries) is abided by the faith and belief of Christianity.


We are heartedly welcome new partners and members into our MAME family every day. Our strengths deeply rely on our partners and members who are generously contributing their ideas, strategies, money, kinds and many others to our ministries.

If you want to become a partner with us and help the people of Myanmar, please write us and call under this contact email and telephone. We are so happy and blessed to have you into our MAME family as beloved new member.


Write us Email:

Call us Tel. +49 69 7921 5568

Thank you so much for interesting our ministries and helping the people who are in needs of salvation. God bless you abundantly in the near future.

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