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Sponsor New Generations

We can together make the difference today by sponsoring one kid $20 or more per month. To invest in people lives is to invest in undying business. You can create a great future together with million kids around the world. At MAME Ministries you can have such opportunity and use your small capital for making great things. We are so happy to have you and working together with you today. 


Sponsor YOUNG Scientist 



Sponsor Young Scientist

Sponsor Young Scientists for their education. Invest in the YOUNG generation is not wasting money and kinds, but it is like to invest in undying business. Sponsor young scientists and become future maker

Sponsor Kids for Education

Sponsor the KIDS for their foods and education and help them to pursue their bright future. To invest in the kids lives is like you plant the most precious follower in the most beautiful Garden of the world


Sponsor MISSIONARIES and invest in spiritual thing. To invest in the Missionaries' lives is like to invest in Heavenly Kingdom and no thief can steal or destroy it. You will fully receive all the profit death after life.

Sponsor New Generations
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Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Why Should You Join Our Mission?

You should join our mission because we save many thousands of people lives and bring hope and future for thousands of young generations. We are financially acocuntablible and we focus on Donors and Sponsors oriented

We Support Over 1,000 Students for Their Further Studies and Help to Achieve Professional Skills Every Year

Over 2,000 Plus People Receive Medical Support and Supply Every Month

All of Our Sponsors and Donors Satisfied Our Services and Mission Accomplishment

Sponsor Over 2,000 Children to Create Their Hope and Future Every Year


We hold one or two times a year the Sponsor Meeting in Myanmar, USA, and Germany and our respected Sponsors, donors, and Partners Organisations are invited. We talk and discuss different issues and topics on the future of the unfortunate Kinds, Young Generations, and Missionaries around the globe. 

Financially Accountability

"We are working to keep our overhead rate as low as possible. We used 7% for fundraising, 5% for management, and 88% of our total operating expenses for programs that benefit children, old-aged people, and communities. Learn More

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