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Health & Hope Projects


Our Services

Our health & hope projects is one the main projects that we have in MAME. We are working to help all those who are in need of health access regardless of social backgrounds, genders, religions and ages. We give health related education, medicines, and treatments. Under this project we have clinic & hospital projects, old-aged home project, and children home projects. For we believe that a good health bring hope, and hope makes people strong and healthy. Thus, we tirelessly work to serve our societies and communities. Join our project and save the lives of thousands people today.

Clinics & Hospitals Projects

We have Clinics & Hospital project to provide medical cares and hope for the people who are under poverty lines and because of 78 years long civil war in Myanmar. Million of people in Myanmar have no public health access and medicines. Join us today and save millions of people lives 

Elderly (Senior) Home Projects

We are having an elderly home projects for the old-aged people to provide the medical care and health care system. The 78 years long civil war left thousands of old-aged people homeless in Myanmar. Join us today and save thousands of people lives

Children Home Projects

The children home project is run since 2021. There are thousands of children in Myanmar who have no medical care and no access to public health care system. The 70 years long civil war left thousands children homeless and careless. Join us today and save million of people lives


Donate us Medicines

Here you can donate us medicines, materials, and kinds for our clinics and hospital in Myanmar please. We are highly appreciate the help of our donors agencies and medical industries company for their supports

Advocate for Us

Please advocate for our clinics and hospitals and help us heard about our projects to your friends and loved ones. Your advocacy meant a lot for the people of Myanmar.

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