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MAME health and hope program is one of our main projects. Your are in the right place now.

Mission through Health

Healthcare in Myanmar is ranked the lowest in the world and millions of families have no access to the basic healthcare they desperately need. We assist and provide health care services, medicines, health related education, and materials needs for clinics, and hospital in Myanmar and other developing countries.



We are running mobile clinic project in the most remote areas in the country and serve for the betterment of healthcare system. Join us to save the life of million people today.



We have now MAME Hospital project to provide free healthcare services to the low income family and those who are not able to access to quality healthcare services. You can donate to our Hospital in kinds, health related materials, money, and volunteer services.


Covid-19 Help Project

Myanmar was unbelievably effected by the Covid-19, its Delta variant now. Million of people has no access to hospital and clinics because of Military coup and politically instability of the country. And many thousands of people, who have Covid-19 infection are simply died (death) because of lack of Oxygen and medical treatment.

We are now, helping as far as we can in different cities and towns in the country.

Please kindly join our project by donating medical kits, oxygen, mask, and money today and save thousands of people life in Myanmar.

Join Our Mission

Support our Health and Hope mission and save the life of million people today. Your little donation and timely volunteer can make a big different.

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