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MAME Education Projects

Education projects is one of our main projects in MAME ministries. We do believe in the quality education. In human life there are three most important things that every person needs in his/her life. That are the wellbeing of our spiritual, quality education, and good health. Among these, a quality education is the key to develop the nations and build a peaceful society in today world. Therefore, we invest most of our capitals and times in nurturing quality education. Under this project, we have MAME Bridging University, Bible School, and Languages school for connecting the world. Please get involved in our project today. 


Why Support Us

We help more 500 students each year and give a chance to go further study

We give quality education and help the nations in its development and peace building programs

We train university 1000 students for their professional lives and connect to the world

We focus on gender equality; 100% women and men have the same opportunity and access

Our students are studying with vision and help students to create their own business and future

We develop future leaders who answers the needs of our communities and society


University & Higher Education project

We have University and Higher education project since 2019. Since her independent in 1948, Myanmar has  more than seven decades (78 years) long political problems and the country is wrecked. Million of young people have no access to quality education this problem worst the country economic, education itself and health care system as a whole. Thus, to solve this problem, we just start this awsome project and help the community. Please join our project today

Languages School

We start our Languages School project since 2022. When a person speaks more language, he/she can easily integrated to other cultures and when a person know how to integrate to people of other culture, our community and society become a family and when we all know how to live together in peace the Glory of God is manifested. In our Languages School, we offer German, English, Hebrew, Greek, Latin, Japanese, and France as foreign languages and Burmese for others nations. This project is especially aim to support students who have no family because of war and students with social and political problems. Please help us to accomplish our mission by investing in our education project

Young Students

Under our education projects, we have sponsor program. You can sponsor young students for their education and help them pursue their dreams. Investing in young students lives is like to invest in an dying business. It is like planing a beautiful  flower at you beautiful garden. One day, in return this student will bring you joy and happiness in yours lives. Just invest in student life today


Bible School

School of Theology

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