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Our Mission

Our mission is to save human life, promote quality education, and to create a platform for the most vulnerable people a free medical access, and helping our global community socially and spiritually regardless of social and religions backgrounds, faiths, genders, colours and geography areas. We highly value in the greatness and preciousness of every human life and equal opportunity of all human beings. We are tirelessly working whatever it causes Read more


We supply medicines & give hope and future to all people

We invest in the lives of people and build healthy community

We sponsor children and create a better future

We give quality education and nurturing innovative Ideas

We spread the good news of the Grace of God

How We Work

Health & Hope

As good health is an essential demand for all human beings, we are working tirelessly in the field of health and medicine supply to save the lives of millions people incorporation with our donor agencies, sponsor foundation, health industries, and   hospitals. We invest 100% of our resources and times in human life.

Education & School Projects

We deeply believe that education is a key to open the  bright future for the nations, therefore we invest 100% in quality education sector incorporation with our donor agencies, education providers, and colleges & universities.

24/7 Prayer Houses Projects

As we are a faith based nonprofit organisation, we strongly believe in the power and the blessedness of prayer. We experienced million times that our fervent prayer bring miracles. Therefore, we invest our times and money in 24/7 House of Prayer project. 


Social and Spirituality Projects

We are created as social-religious being and the well-being of our spirituality is so crucial as the well-being of our social and physical bodies . We, therefore invest in planting the Christ centre and biblical based church, where everyone can freely access, share, chat, and have fellowship, and feel heaven on earth in corporate with our donors and partners churches.

Why Should You Join Our Mission

You should join our mission because we save thousands of people lives and bringing hope and future for the today generations. We are financially acocuntablible, transparency, and our works are 100% focusing on donors, sponsors, and partners oriented projects.

We Support Over 1,000 Students for Their Further Studies and Help to Achieve Professional Skills Every Year

Over 2,000 Plus People Receive Medical Support and Supply every month

100% of Our Sponsors and Donors Satisfied our services, works, and mission accomplishment

We sponsor over 2,000 Children and Elderly people and create their Hope and Future every Year


We (MAME-Myanmar Actions for Mission and Evangelism gGmbH) are a nonprofit organisation that stand for saving the lives and rights of millions people across Myanmar, Asia, and the rest of the world. We love people of all backgrounds; we value the rights of others and care about the better future of every human being


We wouldn’t be able to run MAME ministries without the generous contributions from donors and sponsors across the globe. Your support have the power to make a difference in the lives of thousands people and reflect the love of Jesus Christ in our cities, communities and villages.

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For the spiritual wellbeing of our global family, we promote Christ centred and a non-denomination church, where everyone can share, chat, and have fellowship as brother and sister as a family. Just visit AGC and experience the goodness and blessedness of Audacious Grace of God today

Calling for New Application

We are opening application for upcoming semesters for Bachelor, Master, Doctorate programs now





No upcoming events at the moment

Financially Accountability

"We are working to keep our overhead rate as low as possible. We used 7% for fundraising, 5% for management, and 88% of our total operating expenses for programs that benefit children, old-aged people, and communities. Learn More

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